Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top Hamburger Restaurant in 2017

It’s a late afternoon and your stomach is screaming: “I’m starving for some juicy burgers and fries”. What should you do to fix this feeling many call ‘hunger pains’? One solution is to go the nearest place to eat (no matter what!) Then, their are other alternatives like finding the most delicious burger restaurant within a 10 mile radius in Los Angeles. Many folks argue that finding the best burger joint takes hard work and years of eating out. Browsing the web and reading reviews is not enough to make a solid decision to ‘cure’ your hunger.

burgerim burgers

Of the many hamburger restaurants out there in L.A. it’s imperative to choose a place you can trust. Eating ordinary food and bland burgers may potentially ruin your whole entire day. Instead of just eating the ‘whatever’, it’s more wise to go someplace and enjoy every minute of the experience. There are only a handful of places that can really ‘hit the spot’ in regards to eating the best burgers in LA.

Of the many hamburger restaurants that have proven itself to their loyal fan base, here is a top hamburger restaurant that know how to make a great burgers:

  • Burgerim

Burgerim comes in first because of their variety of burgers. This place rocks on so many levels! For one, you can customize your burger in so many cool ways, it’s not even fair for the other burger joints. Second, you can order a duo (2) or a trio (3) of mini-burgers at a time with a side of fries and a drink. Third, the price point for a duo and a trio is totally on point, which makes this burger restaurant come in first as a top choice when choosing a place to eat.

Did I also mention that Burgerim caters as well. Yep! Burgerim has crafted the perfect party box known to man -- their unique 16 mini-burgers combination of the best burgers. Each burger is 2.8 oz of pure joy and deliciousness. The quality of the patty and the ingredients definitely makes this place a top choice as The Place To Eat in the greater in L.A. area. Don't believe me, give them a try!

Los Angeles should feel so lucky that they have one of the coolest and trendiest places to eat. Burgerim is located in Hollywood on the corner of Melrose and Western. It’s about 5 minute car drive from Hollywood blvd and a 10 minute car drive from DTLA.

The Nearest Burgerim in L.A. is located at 5001 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038