Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top Hamburger Restaurant in 2017

It’s a late afternoon and your stomach is screaming: “I’m starving for some juicy burgers and fries”. What should you do to fix this feeling many call ‘hunger pains’? One solution is to go the nearest place to eat (no matter what!) Then, their are other alternatives like finding the most delicious burger restaurant within a 10 mile radius in Los Angeles. Many folks argue that finding the best burger joint takes hard work and years of eating out. Browsing the web and reading reviews is not enough to make a solid decision to ‘cure’ your hunger.

burgerim burgers

Of the many hamburger restaurants out there in L.A. it’s imperative to choose a place you can trust. Eating ordinary food and bland burgers may potentially ruin your whole entire day. Instead of just eating the ‘whatever’, it’s more wise to go someplace and enjoy every minute of the experience. There are only a handful of places that can really ‘hit the spot’ in regards to eating the best burgers in LA.

Of the many hamburger restaurants that have proven itself to their loyal fan base, here is a top hamburger restaurant that know how to make a great burgers:

  • Burgerim

Burgerim comes in first because of their variety of burgers. This place rocks on so many levels! For one, you can customize your burger in so many cool ways, it’s not even fair for the other burger joints. Second, you can order a duo (2) or a trio (3) of mini-burgers at a time with a side of fries and a drink. Third, the price point for a duo and a trio is totally on point, which makes this burger restaurant come in first as a top choice when choosing a place to eat.

Did I also mention that Burgerim caters as well. Yep! Burgerim has crafted the perfect party box known to man -- their unique 16 mini-burgers combination of the best burgers. Each burger is 2.8 oz of pure joy and deliciousness. The quality of the patty and the ingredients definitely makes this place a top choice as The Place To Eat in the greater in L.A. area. Don't believe me, give them a try!

Los Angeles should feel so lucky that they have one of the coolest and trendiest places to eat. Burgerim is located in Hollywood on the corner of Melrose and Western. It’s about 5 minute car drive from Hollywood blvd and a 10 minute car drive from DTLA.

The Nearest Burgerim in L.A. is located at 5001 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles

Photo Booth Rental

Let me tell you about the best Photo Booth Rental in all of Los Angeles. Photo Booth Media, an offshoot of Cliques Photo Booth, is available to meet all your photo booth needs, having both the lowest prices--$299—on weekdays and the top quality of any company in LA. So call the owner, Dov Viramontes, at (310) 256-3100 and book your event.  You won’t be sorry.  In fact, you will be amazed that such an inclusive, yet elegant and entertaining service, is available to you right now. Don’t be shy. Dov answers the phone himself (unheard of in LA) and he will help you plan every aspect of your Photo Booth Rental through Photo Booth Media Company. Call them at (310) 256-3100.

You probably wonder what in the world you need Photo Booth Media for? In the olden days, people gave a party—a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, a charity event, a prom, a corporate party, an anniversary, or birthday--and yes, they had a photographer, who did a good job and made a book for the event. Now that is part of Photo Booth Media. However, instead of the roving photographer who goes table to table, you get the Photo Booth Media, which far exceeds your idea of both a single photographer and a booth like the ones they had at theaters when you were a kid. Our booth is actually a portable 10 by 10 professional photo studio, set up on-site at your event. The Photo Booth can have a backdrop that is custom made to match your theme. It can be a simple one that comes with the lower price. But you can also have a Hollywood style set built by the Photo Booth Media team. That’s right a set. You can have it be anything you want. It can be a bower of flowers, a gazebo, or a cozy living room a la Downtown Abbey. You choose, and the Photo Booth Media Company will make your dream come true. (Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Ruben Viramontes, will supervise your construction to perfection.)

Besides the set, there is the quality of the photos. Your event will be memorialized with top quality professional cameras, thousands of dollars worth of lighting, computer programs, and acid free paper. Beautiful scrapbooks that can be made on-site are also available with a DIY attendant to help your guests participate if they would find that entertaining. Likewise, Photo Booth Media brings its own wi-fi connection, so that your guests can immediately post to Facebook, Twitter, or email to share the entertainment value with other friends, who will wish they were also there. (Engendering a bit of envy is part of the Millennial consciousness, or so said Time Magazine last week.)

Your photographers won’t be just any schlemiels off the street. The Photo Booth Media photographers are college graduates, frequently with degrees in photography and fine arts. They are also experienced teachers, meaning that they have excellent public speaking skills and manners. Moreover, they’re cute. Not just boring white guys either like the members of Congress. The Photo Booth Media crew reflects our belief in giving everyone a fair shake at employment, so you may choose between men or women, gay or straight, white, Asian, Native American, African American, Hispanic, you name it, Photo Booth Media has someone for your event.  Of course, you don’t have to express a preference, we promise that whichever crew members we send, you will be delighted, and your guests will be entertained with lively banter, followed by getting a keepsake photo that won’t just end up in the garbage, as so many party favors do.

Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

Your guests can take their choice between being photographed goofing around, putting on costumes, and taking silly group shots, or actually getting a jump on a new business or Christmas card. Whether you guests want to go serious or silly or even get professional headshots for a modeling career, all that can be done right while the guests are at your party! It’s practical and fun!

Also concerning Photo Booth Rental, Photo Booth Media is willing to travel. Dov has flown to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas with his crew to provide special services to conventions and corporate sponsors who needed multiple booths. It’s all possible.  And Orange County is Photo Booth Media’s second home. So no matter where you are, call Dov at 310-256-3100.

Never think that your event can’t be handled by Photo Booth Media. If your event is small, Photo Booth Media will send a small team. If it’s big, Photo Booth Media can travel and make your day as memorable as you would ever dream of.

Contact Info:

Company: Photo Booth Media
Address: 2355 Westwood Blvd #934, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 256-3100

URL: http://photoboothmedia.com/

Monday, October 19, 2015

Viking Appliance Repair Pros in Los Angeles

Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles

The Viking company was developed to provide one of the most luxurious and beautiful appliances for your kitchen. The Viking appliances is known for its beautiful ovens, ranges, refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves. They offer a full suite of standard kitchen appliances. Most folks buy the Viking products for its superior engineering, design, and easy to use functionality. The Viking appliance fits well in most home kitchens and a great resource to prepare and make amazing food.

There are a lot of stay at home moms that take full ownership of the kitchen and request to use only Viking appliances for their kitchens. A lot of moms love to make delicious meals for their family and would rather rely on a company they can trust that will perform at its maximum potential. There are times though, where even the Viking products require a service, maintenance, or repair to get it back to its fullest potential.

When the situation arises, it’s vital to use a company you can trust and is nearby to offer support immediately. When it’s time to reach to out a local Los Angeles based Viking appliance repair service, it’s important to reach out to the pros that specialize in Viking appliance repair. Whether you need service for refrigerator, oven, stove-top, or wine-cooler, it’s imperative that you call the appliance repair pros and schedule a service call today.

It’s obvious that the Viking appliances has found a home in many Los Angeles homes and condos. Many families, and individuals who have made the decision to install and use Viking appliances have done so because of the great reviews the Viking brand has earned over the years. It’s crucial that you have a specialist for your Viking appliance repairs in the Los Angeles area. Give the pros a call, so they can provide great quality repair at a rate you’ll be happy with.

Top Rated Viking Appliance Repair in Los Angeles

While the Viking brand’s reputation for making the world’s greatest appliances for the home resonates with many individuals, Viking owners still need a service call eventually for a basic tune-up, maintenance, or repair. The Viking appliance doesn’t last forever, nor does it calibrate at its greatest efficiency after the years. The Viking products are great appliance machines, but even great machines wear out and need a repair. This usually happens years after you purchased your appliance and it’s well out of warranty. When the problems arise and your appliance needs a repair, we urge you to give your local Los Angeles based Viking appliance repair company a call. They will offer a great service and a quality repair you’ll be happy with. Quality repair usually lasts for a long time and that’s something we can all agree to.

If you started experiencing problems with one of your Viking appliances such as your refrigerator or oven, you should call the pros today. You shouldn’t try to resolve the issue by taking care of the problem by yourself. By trying to resolve the malfunction on attempting to do your own appliance repair, you could do more damage to the appliance. You’ll be happier in the long run calling on a professional for your Viking appliance repair.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Appliance Repair Los Angeles Services

Appliance Repair Los Angeles

It’s the middle of the week and your output far exceeds your input, and suddenly, your oven appliance goes out. This scenario is a common situation for many local businesses, restaurants, café shops, hotels, and motels in Los Angeles. It’s of extreme importance to request for an appliance repair Los Angeles technician that is a specialist for your appliance. Utilizing the strength of a professional that knows what he’s doing will provides you the peace of mind. It’s never a great moment when an appliance goes out or stops working as effectively as it could.

Requesting for a professional technician for all your appliance repair Los Angeles services is ideal when you need to receive quality results. Quality repair is a skill, passion, and determination from someone who loves what they do and gives it all he got it. Having the resources to have a committed Los Angeles based appliance repair technician on your team will add the support and improve your efficiency on a daily basis.

Most commercial businesses need to have an appliance repair service they can truly trust. There’s obviously a difference between repairing and servicing residential appliances and commercial appliances. Having a certified commercial appliance repair technician that’s on time, diligent, and a real professional in the field will help streamline management operations in more productive direction.

Let us walk you through an example of a day in the life of an ice cream factory based in Los Angeles that uses the power of the freezer appliance and various cooling and heating systems to ensure that their productivity is as efficient as possible and maximized to its fullest potential. On occasion, a industrial oversized freezer may have exceeded the amount of energy it’s able to produce due to the volume of products and temperature it had to maintain. This in effect, may have created a minor malfunction in the freezer system and stopped working to its fullest degree. The temperature is not as cold as it should be, and as a result, the products may go bad. This calls for an immediate commercial appliance repair service company for same-day service and repair.

So you need reliable service today? You should call the most reputable appliance repair Los Angeles company you can find, and schedule an appointment for immediate assistance. You can research a few competing LA appliance companies that’s nearby, but research is time consuming and it’s imperative to get fast results. There are a few steps you can do (as a business) to minimize the amount of risk for your freezer appliance repair during the course of your research. The first step is to go on the local directory websites, where it promotes local appliance repair Los Angeles companies. Review their ratings and testimonials, as well as their skills and expertise. The second step is to make sure that they are able to accommodate a time that’s convenient for you to come to your location and repair your appliance on the spot.

Los Angeles Appliance Repair

We would like to encourage that it’s vital to call our home office and schedule an appointment for your appliance repair the second you have time. The amazing quality of our repairs will satisfy you and you'll agree that you called a leader in the appliance repair industry for the Los Angeles County. It’s true that the freezers, fridges, and many other essential kitchen appliances found in local restaurants and homes are incredible; it’s also true that many appliances require a lot of service and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

We look forward to hearing from you about your commercial or residential appliance today. We have many reasons why you should choose us as your go-to appliance repair service for LA. For one, our price points for appliance repair is extremely affordable. All our service calls are waived with completion of repair. We work around your schedule because we respect your time and value your business. We have professional technicians standing by ready to help within the hour. We have a dedicated customer service department that’s live and ready to answer all your questions.

If you would like to learn more about our Los Angeles appliance repair services, you can visit our website and learn about all the commercial and residential appliance repairs we specialize in at http://lafixit.com/ today. Drop us a line or call our service desk now! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Appliance Repair Los Angeles Local Business

Appliance Repair Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most exciting Counties in the west coast of the United States of America. It’s near a lot of beautiful parks, urban construction, and destination malls. Los Angeles is well equipped with the most interesting types of jobs to the most stable jobs. Let’s talk about local business and essential appliance repair. Appliance Repair Service LA is a local appliance repair Los Angeles Service Company. The appliance repair business is for the most part a stable service because most people and businesses use appliances on a daily basis. Unfortunately, appliances do break down on occasion. It requires an expert appliance repair Los Angeles technician to diagnose the machine. Issues range from 1 to 10 things and it’s difficult to be on the money when you’re not there assessing the damages.

Appliance Repair Pros are on the scene as one of the top rated Los Angeles appliance repair services for all your major appliances. When you realize that an important appliance has stopped working well, the first thing most folks do is panic. Panic is normal because it creates a sense of urgency and awareness.

One of the biggest things you can do is research for a quality appliance repair Los Angeles technician that has the experience and professional realization to fix your appliance on the spot. Hiring someone with passion and skills is amazing, but having someone that’s fluent with all major appliance products and repairs is a gift. We strive to exceed expectation because we truly care for your appliance. Appliance Repair Service LA will take the extra steps to explain their assessment of the appliance and walk you through the completion part.

Our team of professional appliance repair Los Angeles technicians get great joy knowing that they are helping their fellow Los Angeles neighbor out with their appliances. It’s a critical management decision to allocate funds and budget to lower overhead, so we can offer an affordable service call and rate for your convenience. We do it because we want to earn your business.

Commercial Painting Los Angeles Services

Commercial Painting Los Angeles

When it comes to commercial painting in Los Angeles there’s nothing Kaz Commercial Painting Can’t do. Kaz Commercial Painting is a top rated commercial painting Los Angeles service covering the Los Angeles County. There’s nothing these Los Angeles based commercial painters aren’t prepared to handle. Kaz Commercial Painting works on all major commercial properties. These commercial properties include garages, sky scrapers, hotels, malls, government buildings, non for profit management companies, and many more. Their scope of work also includes residential properties such as a condominium complex, a city apartment building, and residential homes.
The work Kaz Commercial Painting does not only helps make your property stand out and up to code, but also keeps your future commercial painting Los Angeles projects expense low, and extends the life of the paint for many years.

Commercial Painters

It doesn’t matter if your property needs a major remodel, or if its new construction, our certified commercial painters will be able to offer quality results. Every painters is certified and has the right tools and understanding to effectively deliver great results. Every project is unique and important to Kaz Commercial Painting, so the paint work needs to be of the highest standards. Kaz Commercial Painting has a team that can resolve any paint related issue.
Running a reliable painting management company is indeed a passion and commitment for the clients. Our experience and knowledge of commercial painting for the Los Angeles area is one of our greatest assets. We’re confident we handle any job and work load. We will not consider our commercial painting job done until our customer are happy with what they see. We offer support over the phone as well as in person in consulting on the best methods to maintain and improve the quality of the commercial property. Commercial painting is vital and is regarded as one of the most important component to a well-built structure.

Your property may look simple and easy to manage, but when it comes to delivering quality commercial painting services by our Los Angeles commercial painters, you will quickly learn that it’s complex and requires a lot of insight. We’re always more than happy to do this work and complete the project. When you contact us about our commercial painters in Los Angeles, you’ll find out that there’s nothing we can’t do regarding commercial painting services in Los Angeles. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Home Care Los Angeles Services

Home Care

When you have a home care service company you trust, you should anticipate that you’ll have all your needs met accordingly. Every day will serve its own unique purpose.  By utilizing the resources of an honest and reliable home care service agency, you have the peace of mind you deserve. Sometimes we face our challenges alone and require an external helping hand. Home care services offers amazing support for anyone that’s been suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

When you contact a local home care Los Angeles company near you, you will be able to consult with an experienced Los Angeles home care specialist. The specialist will be able to walk you through the different options with your elder home service requirements. Elderly care is a sensitive and important matter and should be discussed in the most professional manner. In home services will cover all your necessary daily living essentials.

Our caregivers Los Angeles specialists will assist in light housekeeping, companionship, grooming, pet care, helping with errands, and transportation. We believe that it’s a great feeling to offer a service to individuals that require extra help and home care. By assisted the elderly and increasing their standard of living and quality of life that is a great reward in itself.

Some folks worry because they have set budget and their budget needs to get allocated accordingly. While some home care agencies might not be able to deal with your budget, it won’t be a problem for our elderly care services. The Los Angeles home care specialists are prepared for every caregiving situation and challenge. The only thing that we ask is that you thoroughly explain the living situation and all the types of problems and services required before we provide the most effective and suited caregiver to your home for home care services.

In addition to the standard home care services, our elderly care program also offers a part time service as well. We made sure that we have the caregivers for the clients.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lakers Blogger Anne Cohen and The Scoop

Los Angeles is home to many awesome people that it’s hard to keep count. Los Angeles has been put on the map because it’s home to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers has been an instrumental part of the evolution of the Los Angeles County. Some say that it started with the greatness of Magic and followed with the awesome duo of Shaq and Kobe. They were an awesome pair on the court.

The Lakers have dominated the National Basketball Franchise for a very long time. Many of the greatest basketball players have played for the Lakers even for a season. There was a time that if you wanted to win a championship, you want to be a Laker! Phil Jackson has been an influential key component to solid coaching and team management. He led the Bulls to many championships and then led the Lakers to 6 titles as well. Wow! Talk about talent!

The Lakers was a dominate basketball franchise when Shaq and Kobe were doing their thing. The game was exciting and the crowd was wild. It was crazy entertaining and it fun to watch the highlights. That time is over, however, the Lakers was still able to get another three champions, back to back to back. How awesome is that!

This year’s basketball season is going to be a good one. A lot of the rules have changed and the dynamics of the game has certainly evolved to be something different than what it used to be. It will be fun to see the different styles and gameplay this 2015-2016 season. Lakers blogger Anne Cohen who write arcwrites on blogspot covers the Lakers season and discusses post game and pre game highlights. 

Besides writing about the Lakers, she also covers different columns including Love and Relationships, Self Help, and different Lifestyle posts on her blog. Her style is unique, original, and gets you to think. Follow her posts and favorite her blog on your desktop. She’s a rising blogger on the Los Angeles Scene and she certainly made a name for herself.



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Los Angeles Scene: Upscale Party's and Events Planned by Suriya Events in Beverly Hills

Party Planner Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events knows a thing or two when it comes to planning a decadent event. Because a party is just as much about the ambience as the occasion being celebrated, Suriya events plans accordingly.

Mid June Suriya events put together the IN-EX Gio Ponti furniture event in Beverly Hills. Guests sipped on a variety of drinks served at the open bar, with options inclusive of fresh fruit for a natural flair. Guests also enjoyed appetizers at the upscale IN-EX furniture store while musing over in style furniture options and trends around the Beverly Hills Showroom. 

High Designer Furniture Store in Los Angeles
Upscale Italian Furniture in Beverly Hills IN-EX Furniture Store Event June 19, 2013

Suriya Events hosted the IN-EX furniture event in Beverly Hills in June
Suriya Events Catering Staffing Luxury Event Presentation 

IN-EX Furniture store event had guests socializing at the Gio Ponti Event in Beverly Hills
Guests at IN-EX Furniture store socialized at the Gio Ponti Event in Beverly Hills

Customized array of cocktails by Suriya Events and catering company about presentation
Customized array of cocktails provided by Suriya Events and catering company

Gio Ponti events had guests sipping on a variety of cocktails at the open bar
Lanoi of Suriya Events stages both the atmosphere and the cocktails at the Event in Beverly Hills

Suriya Events fresh fruit cocktails had guests indulging at the IN-EX furniture event
Suriya Events Fresh Fruit Cocktails had guests indulging at the IN-EX Event

Los Angeles Scene Party's Summer 2013
Beverly Hills Events Parties Summer 2013

Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events
Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events 

Furniture Store Los Angeles Scene Store Events
Los Angeles Scene Events Beverly Hills Furniture Store

This is the Los Angeles Scene: Guests indulging in upscale store events
This is the Los Angeles Scene: Guests Indulging in Upscale store events

Red Carpet Entrance to IN-EX Furniture store event in Beverly Hills
Red Carpet Entrance to IN-EX Furniture store event in Beverly Hills 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Decadent Lunch at Geoffrey's in Malibu

A decadent lunch was had at Geoffrey’s Malibu this past weekend. What can be better than sweeping views and a lunch so delicious that you just have to try the dessert? I believe that dessert should be mandatory part of every meal, after all the chocolate hazelnut crunch bars are not to be missed if visiting Geoffrey’s. The filet mignon was made to perfection with a creative zest of scrambled eggs on the side.

Geoffrey’s restaurant has sweeping beach views, making this Los Angeles Scene restaurant a scenic extravaganza. A beautiful Malibu scene nestled in our city!

Malibu Dessert Geoffrey's Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bars
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bars Dessert Geoffrey's Malibu

Lunch Restaurant Geoffrey's Malibu Salmon with Broccoli
Delicious Salmon over a Bed of Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes at Geoffrey's in Malibu
Decadent Lunch Malibu Geoffrey's Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon with Scrambled Eggs Geoffrey's Malibu 
Geoffrey's Malibu Scene overlooking the ocean great food
Geoffrey's Amazing Beach View in Malibu
The ultimate Beach Scene Restaurant Malibu Geoffrey's
Malibu Geoffrey's Restaurant Amazing Beach Views

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fathers Day Spent amongst the hottest LA Cars at Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance Event: Flexjet by Bombardier on Display

Los Angeles is about the scene, the cars, and of course the style that is fabulous L.A. What better way to spend the day with dad than amongst the cars so classic that one can’t help but to take a triple look. The annual Concours d’Elegance event had dads in for quite a treat this year. In addition to the traditional cars on display, Flexjet by Bombardier featured their model Learjet 85 aircraft mockup plane as the centerpiece of the event. As dads strolled down the streets of Rodeo Drive taking note of their next dream car, I think private air travel became added to their list of wants.

Porsche and a private jet, looks like they go hand in hand, at least at the Concours d’Elegance event they do. Why settle for one crème de la crème treat when the possibilities of extravagance are abundantly displayed on Rodeo Drive? All were in for a treat at Concours d’Elegance this year. Happy Fathers Day!
Fancy Car Show Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Cars on display for fathers day concours d'elegance event
Fancy Car Show Rodeo Drive Fathers Day Event Concours d'Elegance 

Fancy Cars among Fancy Shops in Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event 2013
Fancy Cars among Fancy Stores Concours d'Elegance Fathers Day Festivities in Beverly Hills

Learjet 85 mockup plaine on display in Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event for Fathers day
Learjet 85 mockup aircraft on display at Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event on Fathers Day
Flexjet by bombardier on display at concourse d'Elegance fancy car show event in Beverly Hills on Fathers day
Flexjet by Bombardier Fathers Day Event in Beverly Hills 2013

Classic Cars Batmobile on display Concours d'Elegance Fathers day Event in Beverly Hills
Concours d'Elegance Fathers Day Event Classic Cars BatMobile on Display