Thursday, July 11, 2013

Los Angeles Scene: Upscale Party's and Events Planned by Suriya Events in Beverly Hills

Party Planner Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events knows a thing or two when it comes to planning a decadent event. Because a party is just as much about the ambience as the occasion being celebrated, Suriya events plans accordingly.

Mid June Suriya events put together the IN-EX Gio Ponti furniture event in Beverly Hills. Guests sipped on a variety of drinks served at the open bar, with options inclusive of fresh fruit for a natural flair. Guests also enjoyed appetizers at the upscale IN-EX furniture store while musing over in style furniture options and trends around the Beverly Hills Showroom. 

High Designer Furniture Store in Los Angeles
Upscale Italian Furniture in Beverly Hills IN-EX Furniture Store Event June 19, 2013

Suriya Events hosted the IN-EX furniture event in Beverly Hills in June
Suriya Events Catering Staffing Luxury Event Presentation 

IN-EX Furniture store event had guests socializing at the Gio Ponti Event in Beverly Hills
Guests at IN-EX Furniture store socialized at the Gio Ponti Event in Beverly Hills

Customized array of cocktails by Suriya Events and catering company about presentation
Customized array of cocktails provided by Suriya Events and catering company

Gio Ponti events had guests sipping on a variety of cocktails at the open bar
Lanoi of Suriya Events stages both the atmosphere and the cocktails at the Event in Beverly Hills

Suriya Events fresh fruit cocktails had guests indulging at the IN-EX furniture event
Suriya Events Fresh Fruit Cocktails had guests indulging at the IN-EX Event

Los Angeles Scene Party's Summer 2013
Beverly Hills Events Parties Summer 2013

Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events
Lanoi Mali of Suriya Events 

Furniture Store Los Angeles Scene Store Events
Los Angeles Scene Events Beverly Hills Furniture Store

This is the Los Angeles Scene: Guests indulging in upscale store events
This is the Los Angeles Scene: Guests Indulging in Upscale store events

Red Carpet Entrance to IN-EX Furniture store event in Beverly Hills
Red Carpet Entrance to IN-EX Furniture store event in Beverly Hills 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Decadent Lunch at Geoffrey's in Malibu

A decadent lunch was had at Geoffrey’s Malibu this past weekend. What can be better than sweeping views and a lunch so delicious that you just have to try the dessert? I believe that dessert should be mandatory part of every meal, after all the chocolate hazelnut crunch bars are not to be missed if visiting Geoffrey’s. The filet mignon was made to perfection with a creative zest of scrambled eggs on the side.

Geoffrey’s restaurant has sweeping beach views, making this Los Angeles Scene restaurant a scenic extravaganza. A beautiful Malibu scene nestled in our city!

Malibu Dessert Geoffrey's Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bars
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Bars Dessert Geoffrey's Malibu

Lunch Restaurant Geoffrey's Malibu Salmon with Broccoli
Delicious Salmon over a Bed of Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes at Geoffrey's in Malibu
Decadent Lunch Malibu Geoffrey's Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon with Scrambled Eggs Geoffrey's Malibu 
Geoffrey's Malibu Scene overlooking the ocean great food
Geoffrey's Amazing Beach View in Malibu
The ultimate Beach Scene Restaurant Malibu Geoffrey's
Malibu Geoffrey's Restaurant Amazing Beach Views

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fathers Day Spent amongst the hottest LA Cars at Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance Event: Flexjet by Bombardier on Display

Los Angeles is about the scene, the cars, and of course the style that is fabulous L.A. What better way to spend the day with dad than amongst the cars so classic that one can’t help but to take a triple look. The annual Concours d’Elegance event had dads in for quite a treat this year. In addition to the traditional cars on display, Flexjet by Bombardier featured their model Learjet 85 aircraft mockup plane as the centerpiece of the event. As dads strolled down the streets of Rodeo Drive taking note of their next dream car, I think private air travel became added to their list of wants.

Porsche and a private jet, looks like they go hand in hand, at least at the Concours d’Elegance event they do. Why settle for one crème de la crème treat when the possibilities of extravagance are abundantly displayed on Rodeo Drive? All were in for a treat at Concours d’Elegance this year. Happy Fathers Day!
Fancy Car Show Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Cars on display for fathers day concours d'elegance event
Fancy Car Show Rodeo Drive Fathers Day Event Concours d'Elegance 

Fancy Cars among Fancy Shops in Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event 2013
Fancy Cars among Fancy Stores Concours d'Elegance Fathers Day Festivities in Beverly Hills

Learjet 85 mockup plaine on display in Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event for Fathers day
Learjet 85 mockup aircraft on display at Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance Event on Fathers Day
Flexjet by bombardier on display at concourse d'Elegance fancy car show event in Beverly Hills on Fathers day
Flexjet by Bombardier Fathers Day Event in Beverly Hills 2013

Classic Cars Batmobile on display Concours d'Elegance Fathers day Event in Beverly Hills
Concours d'Elegance Fathers Day Event Classic Cars BatMobile on Display