Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lakers Blogger Anne Cohen and The Scoop

Los Angeles is home to many awesome people that it’s hard to keep count. Los Angeles has been put on the map because it’s home to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers has been an instrumental part of the evolution of the Los Angeles County. Some say that it started with the greatness of Magic and followed with the awesome duo of Shaq and Kobe. They were an awesome pair on the court.

The Lakers have dominated the National Basketball Franchise for a very long time. Many of the greatest basketball players have played for the Lakers even for a season. There was a time that if you wanted to win a championship, you want to be a Laker! Phil Jackson has been an influential key component to solid coaching and team management. He led the Bulls to many championships and then led the Lakers to 6 titles as well. Wow! Talk about talent!

The Lakers was a dominate basketball franchise when Shaq and Kobe were doing their thing. The game was exciting and the crowd was wild. It was crazy entertaining and it fun to watch the highlights. That time is over, however, the Lakers was still able to get another three champions, back to back to back. How awesome is that!

This year’s basketball season is going to be a good one. A lot of the rules have changed and the dynamics of the game has certainly evolved to be something different than what it used to be. It will be fun to see the different styles and gameplay this 2015-2016 season. Lakers blogger Anne Cohen who write arcwrites on blogspot covers the Lakers season and discusses post game and pre game highlights. 

Besides writing about the Lakers, she also covers different columns including Love and Relationships, Self Help, and different Lifestyle posts on her blog. Her style is unique, original, and gets you to think. Follow her posts and favorite her blog on your desktop. She’s a rising blogger on the Los Angeles Scene and she certainly made a name for herself.



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